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    Time’s Deafening Torture

    Days turn
    Into weeks;
    Into months
    And all I can
    Think about
    Is sharing
    The same air
    Once again.
    Every second
    Of every minute,
    Ticking clocks
    My ever
    Thoughtful mind.
    When I can’t take
    The noise anymore
    I come back
    To the place
    Where I see
    Your alias first,
    As you were
    The one who
    My words last.
    It makes me smile.
    I forget about
    Everything harmful
    And replace it
    With the thought
    Of your presence
    Here with me again.

  2. Notes: 14 / 4 days ago 

    Skin Prompt

    In the absence of solitude,
    it’s core temperature
    begins to rise.
    Boiling and driving
    you mad. Yet,
    both bodies press on.
    Arising two
    lustful beasts
    with the genetically
    engineered capacity
    to endure such
    heat and keep taunting
    each other for more.
    They yearn
    for the one thing
    that will unite them
    for eternity and so they melt and intertwine
    together like molten steel
    to form a stronger and beautiful
    steel sword.
    Wreaking havoc together,
    binding their fate.

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    Chet Faker - No Diggity (Cover)

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    Going to sleep is a process.

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    "I’ve had so many knives stuck into me, when they hand me a flower I can’t quite make out what it is. It takes time."

    Charles Bukowski, Screams From the Balcony (via novaci)

    This somehow reminds me of the time I got stabbed….weird, right?

    (Source: larmoyante)

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    A Star Trek Haiku


    Ferengi are dicks
    Cardassians are dicks, too
    Romulans are dicks

  7. Notes: 10 / 1 week ago  from riadovoidostoevsky

    Longing (Differently)


    Over distance, ever further our lengthening
    I desired some but distance
    it kept longening.

    Impending breath
    I waited, refraining from diaphragmetic cycling
    until it convulsed
    proving meat is more than man
    the mind is slave to cell

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  9. Notes: 9 / 2 weeks ago  from hotpervymess

    Past the Past


    I remember summer rains in that old room. I watched the tiny raindrops stick, and grow into bigger ones. Each drop sticking with a wiggle. Then, drip drop fall, run down the glass. New rains brought life to old wood panes. Pale brittle grains grew darker, and more fragrant.

    I stared at that glass for hours curled up in a seated fetal position. My legs were numb, I was aware, but separate. I wondered if the yelling would stop if I found a way to step into the glass world. I just wanted silence. I just wanted peace.

    The first blow broke the trance. Defensive arms, compressed body, squints. Not a word, not a sound, not a single fucking tear. Tense. Bear it. Pain is the only constant friend. You know him well. His warm embrace spreads. Bear it. Everyone gets tired. Eventually it stops. Survive.


    I survived.

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    Dream within a dream

    Taylor pulls up at  the gas station, where I am standing at by the Redbox machine, with an old olive-green, four-door Volvo with a decal of Homer Simpson’s face over the gas cover and she parks it by one of the pumps and walks into the store. Now, outside with me is Emma Watson pacing around the parking lot near the Redbox machine. I am asking her about famous people that live in the area. Every now and then I flash back to another part of my dream, like going back and forth within dreams, to a basement-like room where Nicky comes and lays on the bed. Something seems to be bothering her, but she won’t say. After flashing back to the first dream, Taylor comes out and I say hi a couple of times, but she just keeps walking straight to the gas pump, as if she did not notice my presence. Emma Watson and I are laughing hysterically at some video playing within the Redbox machine when all of a sudden I hear, “why you little”, in Homer Simpson’s voice followed by Bart’s voice when he’s being strangled. As I look over at Taylor direction, I ask her if her car does that every time she fills up for gas and we both break out in laughter. I flash back to Nicky trying to get comfortable as she lays there looking more sick by the minute. I try to make her feel better by bringing her tea and making her cozy. She seems to be getting better, so I decide to leave and take a shower and ask her if she’s going to be okay alone in the room while I leave for a bit and she nods. I turn on the TV and leave it on for Nicky and I walk out and room. I wake up immediately after that, to music playing from my phone, “it was all a dream”, right before actually waking up for real.

  11. Notes: 22 / 2 weeks ago  from hotpervymess

    Just Saying…


    No one in this life is pure and unblemished. We have all been hurt. We have hurt each other (and in the process also hurt ourselves). We are all damaged in some way.

    Let me say this again:


    We all have holes to fill. [Enter pervy joke here.] Seriously, we all have nicks and crevices. Some of us have Chicago potholes. Others have even bigger chasms.

    We try to fill our holes. Some people try to do this themselves. They chase after love or success or the next high. They get there and find that the hole is still there, aching as ever.

    We try to protect our holes. Some people close themselves off to the world. They put out spikes to prevent further damage. The thing is, anyone who gets close gets hurt. When you cause a person to get hurt, you end up damaging yourself.

    I think, the best way to fill our holes is to help each other fill them. [There is another pervy joke here.] We are human. We are not meant to be alone. Help each other heal. Stop trying to heal yourself (and in that process use and hurt others.)

    Stop being an asshole. Give kindness to others a try. Give understanding and forgiveness a try. Let’s stop the cycle of using, abusing, damaging. Let’s start a wave of healing…and hole filling. ^___^

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    late night rambling #2

    I know my mind deters from emotions sometimes, but that doesn’t mean I am oblivious to empathy and hurt. I will not hurt you. I was never programmed to.

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Woodcut Print22’ x 30’ Bear and Abstract Mountains2013 


    Woodcut Print
    22’ x 30’ 
    Bear and Abstract Mountains

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this is the coolest thing ive seen on this webstie

Featured on a 1000Notes.com blog


    this is the coolest thing ive seen on this webstie


    Featured on a 1000Notes.com blog

    (Source: dimensao7)

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    Chicago "Spring"


    There are some Spring days,

    The grass is chartreuse with new life,
    I imagine it to be soft and supple.
    (I want to touch it—allergies.)
    I smell the blades reaching,
    Breaking ground,
    Fighting to the sun.
    There’s nothing like the smell of Spring.

    There are some Spring days,

    But it is not…

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